The Curse of Tippecanoe (The 20 Year Presidential Curse)

The Death of William Henry Harrison
The Death of William Henry Harrison (1841)

The Curse of Tippecanoe is the name given to a freakish pattern of presidential deaths.

From William Henry Harrison to John F Kennedy, every president elected on a score year (a year divisible by twenty) died in office.

Tippecanoe was a nickname given to Harrison, the ninth president of United States, after he defeated  the Shawnee at the  Battle of Tippecanoe in 1811.

Presidents Affected by the Curse

William H. Harrison

Elected 1840

Succumbed to Typhoid on April 4, 1841

Abraham Lincoln

Elected 1860

Assassinated on April 15, 1865

James A. Garfield

Elected 1880

Assassinated on September 19, 1881

William McKinley

Elected 1900

Assassinated on September 14, 1901

Warren G. Harding

Elected 1920

Succumbed to a heart attack on Aug 2, 1923

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Elected 1940

Succumbed to a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945

John F. Kennedy

Elected 1960

Assassinated on November 22, 1963

Ronald Reagan, elected president in 1980, was critically injured by a gunman on March 30, 1981. He was close to death upon arrival at George Washington University Hospital but survived his injuries. 

The curse of Tippecanoe seems to have run its course

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